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Do you have a communications plan?

Our 5-step framework is a tried and tested, adaptable plan that is tailored to work with you and your specific needs.

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Do you need help to market your business in the right way?

Do you value the power of effective communications and marketing?
Do you struggle to know what to say or when to say it?

Maybe you have a plan, but just not enough time or resources to implement it?

We can help you to manage your communications and marketing, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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Let's make something magical happen!

Nothing beats that feeling when you get it right!

We believe that running a small business is about more than balancing the books. It’s about a feeling, a determination to succeed and that tummy flip sensation when everything falls into place. We call it the ‘niaque’ and it’s what drives us to create the most impactful communications for your business.


We support a wide range of small businesses across the UK to flourish through impactful communication. Our team of dedicated experts would love to learn more about your business and explore how we can apply our expertise, experience and energy to plan, manage and implement your communications and marketing.

An effective communication strategy

Instinctively, we all know what good communication looks like. It’s open and transparent, shows appreciation, creates a sense of belonging and motivates people to take action. But maintaining communication channels across staff, customers and your wider business community takes consistent and continuous effort. It’s easy to let it slip down the list of priorities and yet it’s the driving force behind all that you do.

Our job is to help harness passion for your business wherever that might exist. So that its total collective energy is greater than the sum of its parts. So that communications in all its forms – between you and your team, between colleagues, with your customers and suppliers and their wider conversations about your business – can all combine to help your business succeed.

That’s what a communications strategy looks like – a defined plan which aligns all communication activity to your brand and values, with tangible measurements so you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

How do we do that? Quite simply, through combining our skills & knowledge (which we’re constantly investing in through CPD) with a structured approach…

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!

Roald Dahl

Introducing our 5-step framework

Define Goals and Vision

Your business is literally part of your DNA, right? So it makes sense that our journey together starts with getting to know you– understanding your goals and ambitions for the business, and  translating them into a vision, brand, purpose and customer journey. It’s these values that then provide the bedrock for every element of engagement with your customers, partners, suppliers and staff.

Assess Opportunity and Risk

What do you know about the environment in which you operate? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business? Are you taking best advantage of opportunities and are you mitigating all risks? Our support in analysing your market, competitors and stakeholders will help you to develop a story and messaging that make sense and add value.

Build a Strategy, Create a Plan

Once we understand your business goals and the environment in which you’re operating, we’re able to bring it together as a set of communications and marketing recommendations on actions, channels and tools. Importantly, we’ll work with you to put in place measures so we’re able to see what’s working and what’s not.

Take Action

We then work with you in the most appropriate way to create the most impactful communication for your business. That could be by simply acting as your sounding board or coach, or it could be by taking on the role of your communications and marketing team in full. Whatever your need and budget, we’re entirely flexible in our approach and will care as much about your business as we do our own.

Achieve Results

If you haven’t defined the results you want to see, how will you know what success looks like? We help you to set up meaningful and measurable targets and KPIs, with a robust process in place to monitor and adjust where needed. Regular review and revisionequal even better results!

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