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What impact could a clear communications strategy have on YOUR business?

I’m Lucy Rennie and I help business owners and leaders like you to create successful, trusted and sustainable organisations.

Let me show you how, together, we can Future-Proof your business.

My approach

Thanks to my unique INSIDE OUT approach, I help you build solid brand foundations, based on clear purpose, vision, values and culture. I help create a bespoke communications strategy so you can attract and keep hold of the right customers and people, building and growing your trust and reputation along the way.

We’ll work together on 5 key steps: building the strong foundations of your business; getting clear on your communications; harnessing the power of your people and networks; building trust; and getting sustainable results.

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Working with Large organisations

I partner with senior leaders and their teams in large organisations to create great places to work, where employees feel engaged, invested, and inspired to do their best work.

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Working with Small businesses

I partner with small business owners like you to help you to create a clear strategy and plan that is unique to your business. 

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Are you wearing the right hat in your business?

Building a business is definitely an adventure, a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs and as a small business owner you need to wear many different hats and spin lots of different plates as you move along the different stages of your unique journey to success.

Take my quiz to find out which hat you’re wearing right now and discover the steps you need to take to feel more confident, in control and Future-Proof your small business.

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Join my FREE Facebook Community

Come and join my FREE facebook group Communicate with Purpose (CwP) where I deliver weekly live and interactive workshops on all things necessary to help you to build the solid foundations you need to Future-Proof your small business. 

Full of lots of like-minded small business owners just like you who support each other on this rollercoaster ride of running a business and help each other out through asking questions, sharing ideas and knowledge, experiences, challenges and feedback – and of course, we have lots of giggles and fun too!

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