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Would you like to create a successful and sustainable business that keeps on giving?



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Do you want to build a successful and sustainable business that keeps on giving?

My range of handpicked services are designed to meet and match your objectives and your appetite.

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How big is your social capital?

Social Capital is the amount of trust, goodwill and confidence from your network that your business holds and is the ultimate driver for your sustainability and success. The higher your social capital the more engaged your teams will be, the more loyal your customers and the stronger your reputation and image within the external world.


Hi I’m Lucy Rennie, I help business owners and leaders like you to create successful, trusted and sustainable organisations by investing in their SOCIAL CAPITAL.

Thanks to my unique INSIDE OUT approach, I help you to build solid brand foundations, based on clear purpose, vision, values and culture and a bespoke communications strategy to attract and keep hold of the right customers and people, building and growing your trust and reputation along the way.

Creating a successful and sustainable business that keeps on giving

I believe in the power and the value that our relationships, connections and goodwill hold for us in this rollercoaster ride of building and looking after a small business or organisation.  Too often in today’s world, as small business owners, you’re encouraged and expected to scale up quickly and are judged upon vanity metrics such as turnover, external investment and how things look on the outside.

Instead, I’m convinced – and the evidence shows – that your business will become more successful and sustainable if you take the time to communicate your solid foundations inside your business and to nurture your own unique rich network of key people and relationships to grow your goodwill, trust and sustainability.

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We don't do business with companies, we do business with people.

Simon Sinek

An Inside Out Approach

Half day strategy workshop

Building the Foundations

Your business is literally part of your DNA, right? So it makes sense that our journey together starts on the INSIDE, by getting to know you– understanding your goals and ambitions for the business, and translating them into a vision, brand, purpose and customer journey. It’s these solid foundations that then provide the basis for every element of engagement with your customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

Clarity and Communication

Once you’re clear on what your business stands for, we can start to tell your story, define the key ways of doing things and customer experience and get super clear on your messaging.

We want to make sure that you’re telling your story in such a way that you attract the right clients, the right people to work for you and you build the most positive reputation for your business and your brand.

People and Connections

This is the holy grail of your business.Your network and connections, the people you know, are so powerful and they’re really the key to you harnessing the power of your social capital. 

We’ll look strategically at your people, customers, connections and think about how you can widen and grow your network, to create and develop a portfolio of mutually beneficial relationships to support your goals and attract the right people to your business.

People do business with people. focusing on doing a great job is the key to word of mouth, referrals and recommendations. to help you identify and think about each of your key connections and how you can develop some win-win partnerships and attract more of the right customers and people to your business.

Building Trust

For people to engage and buy from you, they need to know, like and trust you. Now we have defined your foundations, your story and identified the people that you want to attract, we need to work on our communications and marketing, creating and building trust with those people and the wider environment.

We work with you to develop a tailored communications strategy and roadmap to allow you to engage with the right people, build those relationships and ultimately develop TRUST, so that they keep coming back for more, time after time.

Sustainable Results

What does success look like for you? Our approach is based upon growing and developing your SOCIAL CAPITAL as a real business asset. We want you to look further than the vanity metrics and think about how you can grow your business in the best way for you, your customers, teams and the wider community.. 

A sustainable business is built on people, on trust and consistent levels of quality and value and this starts from the Inside Out.

We work with you to grow a successful and sustainable business that keeps on delivering.

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