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Creating useful, easy to use and accessible resources for small business owners to help them to communicate with purpose and effectively is something that I’m passionate about.

These tried and tested guides and tools will help you to build a sustainable and successful business in line with your values. They can help you either to get started or to try out new ways of doing things.

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and attract more of the right clients?

This guide will take you through the 5 key steps you need to follow to tell your story, build relationships and grow your brand.

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2022 Social Media Calendar coming soon

Do you struggle to come up with great content for your small business?

Maybe you find it hard to find new ideas or things to talk about?

Wouldn’t you love to have it all laid out for you, a place to go to find relevant and timely content ideas for your small business for the year ahead?

​Coming soon – My 2022 Social Media Calendar is jam-packed full of key dates, national holidays and awareness days to help you to create relevant and engaging content.

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Are you wearing the right hat in your business?
Take my QUIZ to find out

Building a business is definitely an adventure, a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs and as a small business owner you need to wear many different hats and spin lots of different plates as you move along the different stages of your unique journey to success.

Take my quiz to find out which hat you’re wearing right now and discover the steps you need to take to feel more confident, in control and Future-Proof your small business.

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