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Creating useful, easy to use and accessible resources for small business owners to help them to communicate with purpose and effectively is something that I’m passionate about.

These tried and tested guides and tools will help you to build a sustainable and successful business in line with your values. They can help you either to get started or to try out new ways of doing things.

Social Media Calendar

Do you find it hard finding ideas for content for your business? One of the easiest ways for you to create relevant and timely content is to look at key dates and awareness days over the year ahead that could fit with your business, industry or audience and use these as a driver to engage with new or different people across your channels. My 2021 Social Media Calendar highlights these dates for the year.

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Communicate with Purpose Group

LR Comms Communicate with Purpose Facebook Group is a free support group for small business owners who are looking to promote and grow their business by using impactful communication and marketing. We ask questions, share ideas and knowledge, experiences, challenges and feedback. It’s a welcoming and supportive place where we each help one another to promote and grow our businesses in the most effective way.

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Stakeholder Mapping Tool

Use this tool to help you to identify your key stakeholders (those individuals, groups or organisations) that will need to be kept informed of the situation and with whom, 2-way communication will be key. Think about what is important to them and how they could be impacted by the different scenarios or actions and how you can best prepare for and maintain minimal disruption. Eg. If your production line were to slow down or stop, or if your staff becomes reduced or works remotely – how would this impact your customers? Prioritise them by giving them an impact score of high / medium or low.