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LR Comms renews contract with Peak Translations for 5th consecutive year

We had our PLAN CREATE & ENGAGE kick-off meeting today for 2020 with Helen Provart MD and Charlie Blood, intern from Peak Translations.

We are super thrilled to have renewed our COMPLETE contract with Helen and her team at Peak for the 5th consecutive year! (Where has that time gone?)

As you know, at LR Comms we work hard to get under the skin of our clients, to really become part of their team – an ‘outsourced in-house comms & marketing department’ and with Helen and the Peak team this really is the case. We are even featured on their website as a key partner.

Over the past 4 years we have seen them grow, invest, win awards, celebrate their 40th anniversary with a super gala dinner at the Imperial War Museums in Manchester and much much more!

We’re excited to be looking ahead and working on our 2020 roadmap for Peak that will include targeted content and digital marketing, social media, events and local SEO. We look are also looking forward to more adventures that we are convinced are in the pipeline!