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And the chinook whirrs past

What a strange few days this has been!

All of our team have been working from home again today as our office is still in the vacation zone. Living in Whaley Bridge and just on the edge of the zone, as I write this post I can hear the chinook flying over again as it goes backwards and forwards to the reservoir.

The whole experience has been surreal, scary and emotional, understanding the real threat to our village, our friends and family and knowing a lot of the emergency services and volunteers (including my husband) who have been working day and night to find the solutions and make it safe again for us all!

We have been so lucky as we haven’t been evacuated from our homes and even though we can’t get to our office, we can continue to work and look after our clients from home, whereas I know that most of the Whaley businesses have had to close completely as they can’t access their kitchens, shops, machinery or pubs.



Thankfully it seems that today we are in a much better place, Paul came home at 4am this morning to say that they had nearly reached the -8m level they were looking for and hopefully we will be able to hear from the engineers who can now assess the situation and who will let us know more about when Whaley residents can move back into their homes and businesses can start getting back to normal.

For now, it’s the stillness and quietness around the village that is so surreal and eery, no cars or trucks going past, no people out and about – just the whirring of the chinook. And the bizarre fact that our friends are not far away on the hill on the other side of the village but we can’t reach them.

The sense of community spirit and the support for each other has been amazing though and I’ve had friends from all around the world message to say they had seen #WhaleyBridge on the tv and ask if we’re all ok. The number of people who have offered help, accommodation and who have simply just got in touch to see if we’re ok has been absolutely amazing, I have been blown away by it all! Thank you to everyone.

For info: there is another residents meeting tonight at 5pm at Chapel Leisure Centre and then a local business surgery will follow at 6.30pm organised by the @D2N2GrowthHub for those businesses affected and a helpline 0333 006 9178