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3 steps to a more effective marketing plan

3 Steps to a more effective marketing plan

When you’re running a small business there are always so many different plates to spin and manage and some of the most important ones are those that help you to market and promote what you do. The thing is, there are so many different tools, channels and ways to do this that it can be really hard to know where or when to start or what tool or action will be the most appropriate and effective for your business.

1) Ask yourself how this will benefit YOUR BUSINESS?

Every time you’re about to start something, ask yourself why you’re doing it? How does this relate to my business goals? Depending on your goals, you might ask yourself how will doing this help me to sell more of my product or service? Or how will this help me to get more people to my event? Or how will it help me to get more enquiries? If you can answer these questions with a clear YES, then go ahead and start to plan out your next steps. If, however, the answer is more ‘woolly’ and you’re not really sure how or why it will help your BUSINESS goals then simply put it back onto your ‘Ideas Board’ and come back to it at a later date.  (NB: More about an Ideas B coming soon).

Don’t forget that your time and resources are precious so getting into the habit of really focusing on your business goals and working out what is really going to help you to move forward will help you to get clear, get started and get results.


Don’t forget that in this game, less is more. It’s definitely more about quality than quantity.

Once you’ve decided what you need to do, then you need to work out how you’re going to do it and the best way to do this is to think about how much time and resources you have to commit and match it with what you are trying to achieve.

The most important thing is to build consistency in whatever you do. So, for example, if you decide that you need to create a customer newsletter, a new podcast or an Instagram grid, be realistic about how often you’ll be able to post or publish. There’s nothing worse than starting out on a daily or weekly or even monthly plan and then finding yourself overwhelmed and unable to keep it up. This will result in your customers getting frustrated, you feeling guilty and overwhelmed, and a lot of time and energy wasted for not much in return. It’s much better to begin with a lower frequency, get used to what you’re doing, test and tweak it, and at the same time show your audience that you’re reliable and consistent and that they can trust you to show up when you say you will which will ultimately lead to more results.

3) Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

Running a small business is hard work and it can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day stresses and frustrations and forget why you are there, doing what you do.

But, if you don’t enjoy doing something then there’s no way that you’ll do it as well as you could, which means that it probably won’t be as effective and get the results that you are looking for.

Hopefully you do still believe in your product or service? So, if you can manage to find a way to enjoy yourself and have some fun along the way, then it will make the tasks, work and effort so much easier.

It’s the same with any marketing actions too. You need to make sure that you prioritise the things that you actually enjoy doing, and not the things that you find boring or hard work. So, if you love writing and telling stories then concentrate on blog articles, email marketing or even writing regular posts to publish across your social channels. However, if you hate writing but find speaking or telling stories easier when you’re face to face with someone, then think more about doing some video or live Facebook posts instead. Finding and focusing on the things that you enjoy and find easy to do, will just make it so much easier for you to keep going consistently and not get overwhelmed. And ultimately, if you can have FUN then you will also start to find that your audience react so much more positively to you too, as they will feel your enthusiasm, passion and excitement and will then engage with you and your business so much more readily – getting you the results that you want.

Remembering these 3 steps each time you sit down to plan your marketing will help you to work out which way is the best way forward for YOUR business and ultimately help you to get where you want to be as quickly and as easily as possible.

Please get in touch, I’d love to hear what you think about my 3 golden rules and if you have any questions or comments you’d like to share.

And don’t forget if you’re sitting down to map out your next 90 days marketing plan, then don’t forget that you can download our FREE social media calendar that will help you to plan your content and think about key dates events or activities that are coming up that may be an opportunity to check in with your audience.