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My Mentoring Programme

Having someone in-house to undertake your marketing often offers the best value.

My Mentoring Programme

But if you don’t have a background in Marketing personally, how do you know how to give that person direction? Imagine if you had access to the know-how of someone at a Marketing Director level but in a way that is entirely affordable to your business? What peace of mind would that give you that it’s money well spent on a true strategic direction?

My Mentoring programme allows just that.

My Mentoring Programme

As a mentor, I act as the sounding board to you as the business owner. I get under the skin of your business, get to know you and your goals, and help bring them to fruition.
I am on tap to offer you a friendly (and often challenging) ear to help move your business forwards.
I achieve that not as a ‘doer’ but as a coach and support to whoever has been tasked with your marketing. That could be a longstanding member of staff who is inexperienced. A new member of staff who shows potential for and an aptitude in communications. It could be an apprentice that you have taken, or plan to take, on. With the benefit of my insight and experience, their confidence and capability will grow.

By training and building your Marketing team in this way, you are investing in highly capable staff who develop the know-how to one day deliver your Marketing activity independently. My end goal is to do myself out of a job! After all, we are building the strong foundations in-house for a future-proofed business.

How my Mentoring programme works

– I get to know you and your business through a series of initial meetings, determining where you want to get and how we are going to get there
– I meet (usually virtually) with your marketer at least one hour every week
– We set objectives to be achieved by the next meeting, and review the objectives set at the last.
– We hold a strategy meeting once a month with you, ensuring all marketing activities remain aligned with the overall direction of the business.


To have a chat and see whether my Mentoring programme is right for you and your business, please get in touch at or give me a call on 07775928006.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Take care


What my Mentoring clients say

Working with Lucy has been an invaluable experience. As my sister and I step up and take more ownership of the family business, Lucy has been helping us gain the necessary skills and insight to run a business. Working with Lucy, you can really feel her wealth of knowledge, and her passion and excitement is infectious! We always feel so empowered and ready to take on the world after a session with Lucy! Elle Moran - JCM Business Solutions