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My Mastermind Programme

Running a small business can be a lonely place sometimes don’t you think?  

Especially if you don’t have someone to share your ideas with, explore opportunities, celebrate successes or just listen to you when things get tough.

My Mastermind Programme

As a small business owner myself, I know just how precious it is to be supported by the right kind of people, who have your back, can encourage you or hold you accountable when you need to be. That sounding board for those crazy ideas or thoughts that you don’t necessarily want to share with your teams or partners but need somewhere to chat them through. I also know too well those moments when things get too much, you’ve had enough and you just need some kindness, support or a safe place to switch off and talk about unicorns!!

My Mastermind Programme

That’s why I’ve created my Mastermind programme, to offer you a way to be part of your own community, to join me and other small business owners and work together over the 11 months to achieve your goals and Future-Proof your business.

I absolutely love helping small business owners like you to get really focused, be accountable and most importantly to get the support you need to be able take action, move forward in developing, promoting and growing your business and ultimately have fun along the way!  

With over 20 years’ experience working in communications, marketing and business, I believe that having an Inside Out Approach to your business, developing strong brand foundations, clear messaging and then building strong relationships and trust with your key people is the way to growing a sustainable business that keeps on giving. 

In my Mastermind programme starting this September, I will work with each of you individually and as a group to define your strategy, plan out your communications and help you to carry out and deliver on the actions defined. 

It’s a safe, warm and confidential space for you to try out new ideas, share your challenges or simply support and encourage each other to get things done and get your message out there. 

Each member has to sign a confidentiality agreement, which means that whatever is said in the group stays in the group and you will also be asked to sign up to my fair play agreement, so we all know what to expect from each other.


This 11-month Mastermind programme starting on the 1st September 2022 will include:

  • A monthly 121 strategy session (45-minutes) or 6 x 90-minute 121 strategy sessions with me. We’ll spend time together working on your business, focusing on your vision and what you need to do to achieve your goals and objectives and Future-Proof your business.
  • A weekly (optional) drop-in Zoom call each Friday afternoon for you to check in, ask questions, share ideas or updates or just have a chat with some lovely people! Each weekly drop-in call also has a particular theme or topic to help Future-Proof your business.




  • A monthly group spotlight session where each member will take the “hot seat”, this is a dedicated time slot to explore a question, challenge or opportunity from their small business with the group members. The amount of experience, expertise and potential that exists within the group is huge and this is one of the key highlights of the programme.
  • Three x 90 minute planning workshops to map out your strategy, identify your goals and develop your own roadmap. (September, January and April).
  • Our private WhatsApp group where we can talk, ask questions and share progress and updates every day (only if you need to of course)!

What my Mastermind clients say

I'm really enjoying it so far! And the support is invaluable. So often we work alone or in parallel with each other and this process allows to share our thoughts, ideas, worries and joy in a warm, open space together. Claire Bown - Thinking Museum
My Mastermind Programme
I LOVE working with you Lucy. You listen so well to what each of your clients needs (and that can be so different) and then you meet them where they are. You take away some of the pressures of being self-employed and are so generous in what you offer. Thank you! Claire Bradshaw - Claire Bradshaw Associates

Your investment for the September Mastermind cohort is £189 including VAT per month, for a total of 11 months.

Your investment will remain at that price for as long as you continue to participate in this and future editions of my Mastermind programme.

If you’re interested in joining me on my next programme starting this September 1st 2022, then let’s have a chat. Click on the button to book in for a free consultation and we can talk through whether the programme is right for you and your business and if you are right for the programme.

I can’t wait to hear from you,