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My Approach

Attracting and delighting the right kind of people.


What do you need to do to Future-Proof your small business? I believe it’s harnessing the power and value from our relationships, our connections and goodwill.

Combining my experience, expertise and absolute love for people and small businesses, I have developed an INSIDE OUT approach that allows me to create YOUR communications and marketing strategy in a way that is adapted to your specific business needs, budget and goals of your organisation.

My 5-step Inside Out Approach

Would you like to build a business in line with your values?

I help you to work out what your business stands for, where you want to be and then I help you create the plan to make sure you attract and delight the right customers and people. We work together to determine your business brand foundations and develop a clear approach to messaging and communications.

My Approach
Strategy days

Your business

Whilst your product, service, audience or journeys may be entirely unique, there’s a common thread that binds all of you who are looking to build a business in line with your values.

You want to make a difference. You want the values of your business to be aligned to your personal values. You want your energy and the energy of your teams to reap maximum impact and reward.

Large Organisations

I partner with senior leaders in large organisations to create great places to work, where employees feel engaged, invested, and inspired to do their best work.

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Small businesses

I help small business owners to define and communicate their brand and vision, ensuring their resources are pointed to activities with the most impact.

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