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Improving safety through effective communications, trust and an engaged culture.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company. With an ethos of producing safe and sustainable steel, maintaining a strong health and safety record is its upmost priority.

Accidents are prevented by a vigilant workforce but familiarity with the job in hand can sometimes lead to complacency. Seeking a fresh approach to its compliance training, it commissioned LR Comms at ‘Create’ stage to design a bespoke project to get staff buy-in to a safer way of working.

As a result, reporting levels increased by 20% which in turn led to the number of incidents being reduced.

It's not about them, it's about YOU!

As a global company working in high-risk environments, our ongoing challenge is to maintain and improve upon our safety record. No matter how serious the consequences if not adhered to, compliance training can sometimes be met with apathy. We needed to find a credible trainer who could work with our senior managers from across Europe and help them to get their teams to buy into the company’s ‘Journey to Zero’ safety campaign.

From the earliest stage, we had faith in LR Comm’s commitment to delivering a programme tailored to our specific needs.  We had several scoping calls with Lucy ahead of the training and she regularly shared her material as it was progressing. This also involved a run-through of the final draft so that we were entirely comfortable with the suggested approach.


Focusing on each individual’s ‘why’

The training was hugely popular and interactive, and hinged on a concept tailored to our particular challenge. Lucy introduced the “It’s all about you” approach, taking our leaders on a journey and getting them to understand how they can really develop trust and engage their teams by making it personal. Encouraging each manager to understand their own ‘why’, why they come to work, what drives them and how to really connect with their team members.

Lucy kicked off the presentation with a photograph of her family and an explanation of her ‘why’ – in other words, what it is that drives her. This very open and disarming style of delivery immediately won the team’s trust and created a safe place where the team could speak openly without fear of judgement.

During the session, Lucy created some real ‘lightbulb’ moments, helping to close the gap between safety and the senior managers themselves.



Know Your Numbers

Introducing her ‘Know Your Numbers’ exercise for the senior leaders to implement on their respective sites and with their own individual teams. An interactive game where each staff member would count how many children, grandchildren, close family members, friends, pets and so on that they had. The idea was to encourage the teams to talk about them and discuss how many of them actually depended upon them in their lives,  and Lucy described how you should then ask the question, ‘So what if you weren’t there?’.

This activity brought into very sharp focus how many loved ones would be impacted by an incident and reinforced the necessity for us all to look after each other and adopt our “shared vigilance” campaign.


An immediate impact

This simple yet personal ‘Know your numbers’ exercise had a very powerful impact on changing behaviour. Almost immediately we saw an increase in reporting levels of some 20%. Added to that the number of accidents decreased. Raising awareness of this huge collective community for which we all had responsibility really focused minds on being vigilant and on looking after one another.

Working with LR Comms presented the opportunity for us to tackle the very serious business of health and safety in a way that was both enjoyable and achieved exactly what we needed it to each and every member of the team being super-vigilant about their own safety and the safety of those around them. Not because they had been instructed to do so; but because LR Comms’ very powerful ‘Know Your Numbers’ exercise created a lasting connection between loved ones and staying safe in each of our minds.

Maintaining momentum

There were two elements that made the training a stand-out success.

Firstly, Lucy’s very practical and creative exercises that got the team to think about their ‘why’. What is it that drives them to do their jobs every day? For many, it was their families. It’s something that we all know deep down of course, but creating that direct link between loved ones and working life heightened awareness of why we all need to go home in the same way we arrive that morning.

Secondly, Lucy’s style of delivery. We found her to be incredibly personable and highly adept in listening and adapting to those around her. Lucy has experience of working with people from all over the world and at from each level of an organisation from Board level to the shopfloor and is a fluent French speaker, and this sensitivity to different national working cultures certainly helped in adapting the training accordingly.

Having seen how positively LR Comms had influenced our safety records, they were our supplier of choice to deliver an effective communications training programme for our management team.